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The 7 Yoga Positions for Beginners (kakemono)

Written by: Maya Patel



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Embarking  on your yoga journey can feel like diving into a vast ocean of postures and philosophy. But no worries, we're here to guide you through some foundational poses that are both beginner-friendly and deeply beneficial.


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The 7 Easiest Yoga Positions For Beginners

1. Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

  • Stance: Stand tall, feet together.
  • Arms: Relaxed at your sides.
  • Gaze: Straight ahead.

Story: Imagine the majestic mountains that stand tall, unaffected by the changing weather. Tadasana is named after these stable giants. Historically, yogis believed this pose imbibes the stillness of mountains.

Role & Benefits: Mountain Pose is more than just standing. It’s about grounding oneself. This pose:

  • Teaches proper posture.
  • Aligns the spine.
  • Cultivates a sense of inner and outer balance.


  • Foundation Builder: Helps to set the right posture for many other poses.
  • Awareness Enhancer: Cultivates mindfulness, particularly about posture and alignment.
  • Foot Strengthener: Engages the muscles in the feet, building strength.


  • Subtle: Some may find it too basic or underestimate its importance.
  • Balance: Those with balance issues may find it challenging initially.

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2. Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

  • Stance: One foot on the opposite inner thigh.
  • Arms: Raised overhead, palms touching.
  • Gaze: Fixed on a point.

Story: The pose emulates the grace and stillness of trees. Trees, vital for life, symbolize growth, stability, and grounding.

Role & Benefits: The Tree Pose is a balance challenge.

  • Strengthens the legs.
  • Cultivates focus.
  • Nurtures mental and physical equilibrium.


Embarking on the yoga journey with these seven foundational poses

The essentials of seven foundational yoga poses, each rooted in history and rich in benefits.

The importance of aligning mind, body, and spirit through yoga, as emphasized by instructor Maya Patel.

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The Author: Maya Patel

Maya Patel is a dedicated yoga instructor with over a decade of experience guiding students on their wellness journey. Trained in traditional Indian yoga practices, she emphasizes the fusion of mind, body, and spirit in every session. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I hold each pose?

For beginners, 15-30 seconds is ideal. As you progress, aim for 1-2 minutes.

What attire is best for practicing yoga?

Opt for stretchy, breathable fabrics. Yoga pants, fitted tees, or tank tops work great.

Can I incorporate these poses into my daily routine?

Definitely! A daily practice, even if short, can offer immense benefits.

A pose feels too difficult. What should I do?

Always listen to your body. Use props like blocks or straps for support, and consider modifications

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